Cold and hot Beverages for Cruises

IO BEVO® CRUISE SOLUTIONS is a cold and hot drinks distribution service, through innovative and customizable dispensers supplied on loan for use, assistance included.
The strengths of the solution are the technological innovation of the dispensers and a very wide range of products, in order to personalize the proposals to passengers in the most effective way based on the context and objectives.

The range of drinks available for our distributors is wide and constantly evolving and includes:
health drinks, 100% fruit and vegetable juices, children’s drinks, regional drinks, Fairtrade drinks, vegan drinks, teas and infusions, herbal teas, espresso coffee, microfiltered water, beer, herbal teas, coffee, microfiltered water. We also produce and distribute frozen yogurt, soft ice cream, granitas, jams, honey, cream.

General Beverage is the group that includes IOBEVO, a brand specialized in the distribution of PLASTIC FREE water and drinks. General Beverage manages over 36,000 machines and directly produces both the products and the machines loaned for use. A characterizing element of the company is the attention to social and environmental sustainability. Thanks to innovative production and distribution systems, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

In the catalogues in this page you can deepen your knowledge about our drinks and solutions. Click and discover more!

For any information you can contact us at +39 335 627 9757.

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