io bevo in the delegation to Italy-China Business Forum

io Bevo / General Beverage has been selected to participate in the delegation of companies that take part in Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi official visit to China for the first Italy-China Business Forum in Beijing, with the presence of Italian and Chinese entrepreneurs.

Main issues discussed will be the cooperation with the European Union, with the agenda to be achieved by 2020 and the framework of the three-year action plan which will be signed by the Minister of Economic Development Federica Guidi with the heads of the Ministry of Commerce of China: a memorandum of understanding for the economic and trade cooperation in five priority areas, including energy, food and mechanical engineering. Renzi, after meetings with Premier Li Keqiang and General Secretary Xi Jinping, will close the inaugural session of the Business Forum aimed at the conclusion of agreements on partnerships and investments.

General Beverage is the leader company in Italian beverage and food automatic distribution market of hot and cold drinks and soups through machines on loan. It is a food and beverage solution provider: for every market sector and for every specific need, G.B. develops solutions and personalized projects of distribution of beverages and foods using automated systems, with the aim to reduce costs, improve quality and create sustainable development. G.B. – with io bevo, io sano and other trademarks – produces the equipments and all semi-finished goods (concentrated or lyophilized), considering the vertical integration of production an essential method to fully develop its business model.